Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Canon Rebel & Sunset Pic!

Sooo I'm sitting here in science class and I just finished a SUPER difficult test that I probably should've studied harder for... but anyways I've got some free time and I figured I would blog about a certain something that has been on my miind lately.. The Canon Rebel T2i. Since christmas is coming up soon I obviously asked for that and I'm reeeeally hoping my parents give in although it is a pretty expensive camera... If I got this camera it would be AMAZING. It would just make my entire lifee. I would legit cry.. happy tears of course(: So if any of you have heard anything good/bad about this camera comment & lemme know!! Thaanks

Btw here's another one of my recent photos.. I think I will make a habit of attaching a new pic at the end of all my posts... Opinions? Thanks!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holaa!! (:

I'm Kelseey and this is my blog about photography.. I reeally love photography and I am very interested in looking at others work and I would like to share mine!! So pleaase check it out!! Can't wait for your comments & stuff :p

Also here is one of my photos I took recently.. tell me what youu think!!