Monday, January 2, 2012

hitRECord <--- check this out!

Just a SUPER quick post.... If you're into writing lyrics, taking photos, making still-life videos, recording music, anything like that,  you should REALLY check out hitRECord. It's a site where you can post any of the things mentioned above and other people can "remark" on it or "recommend" it. Remarking is basically just commenting whatever you wanna say about the piece & recommending is when you're doing just that! You're recommending the piece to be used by others who can create a collaboration and use you're piece & you can use theirs! The higher your "heartrate" (basically the exposure you're getting from remarks and recommends) the high your chance of someone seeing your piece, liking it, and using it! If the collaboration is good and someone important finds it they can use it in commercials etc. adn you'll get payed!! This is my hitRECord page and this is one of my very close friend Cupcake's hitRECord page :b check 'em out!! And I'm not going to put a pic of the post because I put like 9 in the last post... Thanks for reading! :D XOXO

I Got the Canon Rebel T3!!

I got it! :D On christmas morning I was aware that I would be getting the Canon Rebel but my parents didn't tell me which one I would be getting (There is the Canon Rebel T2i, T3, and T3i) So there was still an element of surprise as I unwrapped that BEAUTIFUL square box. So this camera goes for around $400 for just the body and with a kit I believe around $500-600 total sooo it's a pretty nice camera..

12.2 MP
Comes with 18-55mm lens
ISO 100-6400 for shooting in dim to bright light
HD video recording & in-camera movie editing tools
2.7 inch wide LCD monitor with Live View option
Compatible with the full line of Canon EF & EF-S lenses.

Above information taken from the Canon Site

I've already taken a bunch of pictures when it snowed the day after christmas and they came out really nicely, I'm very satisfied with the quality.. Couldn't ask for more <3 I'll probably put a few Pictures of the Post on here for everyone to see (: But before that i want to see what others said about the Canon Rebel T3.. positive & negative :p

Reviewers Pros:
  • excellent image quality(35)
  • Nice features/settings(35)
  • easy to use(34)
  • good battery life(31) 
  • Simple controls/menu(30)        

Reviewers Cons
  • noisy(3)
  • Poor build quality(3)
  • body feels cheap (too plastic-y)(1)
  • Complicated controls/menu(1)
  • Difficult to use(1)
 As you can see the numbers beside the comments are the amoun tof people who made such comments, much more positive! I personally must say I love the build, I think it's a beautiful camera.. I also think it's really easy to use, good battery life,  but I must say the shutter is pretty loud & the flash sounds like a tazer when it's focusing haha. But I don't typically photograph animals so scaring them off with a flash or shutter isn't a problem for me at the moment..  

These reviews were also taken from the Canon Site, linked above. 

Pics of the Post! :DD 

First: This is the camera itself! 

Beautiful, right? :D 

Second: A couple of pictures I took! 

My brothers friend in the woods (:

He's in the dorky stage of life.. Aren't we all? :P

Moose tracks! We hiked past here & then about 15 mins later we had turned back and came to this spot and saw moose tracks that hadn't been there before! D:
Tree in my yard! :D

Snow on a pine tree branch!

Dear big tree in the woods: I wish to climb youu!

Rock wall in a field by my house.. One day I'll find out how long it is!! :D

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Camera Idea?

Hi Guys,
So I've been thinking a lot about the camera that I want.. And I of course still want the Rebel but I don't know if it would be right of me to just jump right into a $1000 professional camera! I mean, aren't artists supposed to struggle to make it good? Have you ever heard of a good artist who had everything handed to them? No, the good ones usually had to earn it! & they transfer that anger & hardship & pain into their art, and it's beautiful. So I think that it would be better for my career if I struggled a bit.. Sooo I've been thinking of looking at different cameras that cost less but are still pretty good (: liiiike the canon rebel T3i, noww i know it's basically the same thing as the T2i BUT it's cheaper and therefore not as good... I'm really set on Canon though.. or maybe Nikon. Any suggestions? Thanks(:


^This is a picture taken at my camp on Square Lake in Caribou, ME. It was taken with a Canon Power shot and it's of my dad fly fishing in the water (: My photography can also be found on and on my facebook (:

XOXO Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Canon Rebel & Sunset Pic!

Sooo I'm sitting here in science class and I just finished a SUPER difficult test that I probably should've studied harder for... but anyways I've got some free time and I figured I would blog about a certain something that has been on my miind lately.. The Canon Rebel T2i. Since christmas is coming up soon I obviously asked for that and I'm reeeeally hoping my parents give in although it is a pretty expensive camera... If I got this camera it would be AMAZING. It would just make my entire lifee. I would legit cry.. happy tears of course(: So if any of you have heard anything good/bad about this camera comment & lemme know!! Thaanks

Btw here's another one of my recent photos.. I think I will make a habit of attaching a new pic at the end of all my posts... Opinions? Thanks!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holaa!! (:

I'm Kelseey and this is my blog about photography.. I reeally love photography and I am very interested in looking at others work and I would like to share mine!! So pleaase check it out!! Can't wait for your comments & stuff :p

Also here is one of my photos I took recently.. tell me what youu think!!