Monday, January 2, 2012

hitRECord <--- check this out!

Just a SUPER quick post.... If you're into writing lyrics, taking photos, making still-life videos, recording music, anything like that,  you should REALLY check out hitRECord. It's a site where you can post any of the things mentioned above and other people can "remark" on it or "recommend" it. Remarking is basically just commenting whatever you wanna say about the piece & recommending is when you're doing just that! You're recommending the piece to be used by others who can create a collaboration and use you're piece & you can use theirs! The higher your "heartrate" (basically the exposure you're getting from remarks and recommends) the high your chance of someone seeing your piece, liking it, and using it! If the collaboration is good and someone important finds it they can use it in commercials etc. adn you'll get payed!! This is my hitRECord page and this is one of my very close friend Cupcake's hitRECord page :b check 'em out!! And I'm not going to put a pic of the post because I put like 9 in the last post... Thanks for reading! :D XOXO

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