Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Camera Idea?

Hi Guys,
So I've been thinking a lot about the camera that I want.. And I of course still want the Rebel but I don't know if it would be right of me to just jump right into a $1000 professional camera! I mean, aren't artists supposed to struggle to make it good? Have you ever heard of a good artist who had everything handed to them? No, the good ones usually had to earn it! & they transfer that anger & hardship & pain into their art, and it's beautiful. So I think that it would be better for my career if I struggled a bit.. Sooo I've been thinking of looking at different cameras that cost less but are still pretty good (: liiiike the canon rebel T3i, noww i know it's basically the same thing as the T2i BUT it's cheaper and therefore not as good... I'm really set on Canon though.. or maybe Nikon. Any suggestions? Thanks(:


^This is a picture taken at my camp on Square Lake in Caribou, ME. It was taken with a Canon Power shot and it's of my dad fly fishing in the water (: My photography can also be found on http://hitrecord.org/users/kelseymarie97 and on my facebook (:

XOXO Thanks for reading!


  1. That is one expensive camera O.o
    you want to be a photographer?(sorry if I got this wrong) that's so cool! It looks like you would make a great photographer with all the pictures you post :)~BP

  2. If you are serious about buying an expensive camera make sure you do a lot research so you don't spend your money on something you don't want. Nice picture by the way :) -AW

  3. You know, that doesn't really look like water. If you hadn't said what it was I would think it was mud- LS

  4. @LS-The Loganator? :P

    Anyways it's the water coming up like with the "tide" even though it was a lake it still had a pretty rough tide.. it's just the water coming up and i was like on the ground. (:

  5. Good post that points in the directions of several future topics. Things you might write about next include -- camera reviews, photo hosting site reviews, and critiques of your own photos (like the Cross Lake photo!). Nice work! --RW